Kirti Mandir : House of Fame

A homage to the Father of the Nation by Shri Nanji Kalidas Mehta
Nanjibhai’s homage to the Father of the Nation culminated in erecting the Kirti Mandir, a monument in memory of Gandhiji in his birthplace, Porbandar. The idea of the Kirti Mandir germinated when Gandhiji was Nanjibhai’s guest at his residence at Panchgani in 1944.  Shri Nanjibhai was very keen that the birthplace of Gandhiji should be preserved as a National Monument. This idea grew into firm determination upon hearing the remark of the Hon’ble Mr. Hofeyr, Education Minister of South Africa who said; “Your people seem to be in the dark of the value of greatness Gandhi possesses. Had there been another country in your place, it would have built an inspiring memorial near this place and preserved the old house for posterity to visit and derive inspiration there from.”

The Kirti Mandir which stands 79 ft high representing Gandhiji’s life span of 79 years was designed by Shri Nanjibhai himself and enshrines Gandhiji’s thoughts and philosophy. The canopy and its superstructure above the lifesize photographs of Gandhiji and Kasturba symbolise the blending of all religions.

Its was characterisitc of Nanjibhai that having erected the monument, he donated it to the Nation but thereafter detached himself totally from its management