Gurukul Womens’ College

Gurukul Women’s College is a well-known institution for women’s education in line with the ancient Vedic culture and high moral values. The college is managed by Raj-Ratna Sheth Shri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta Arya Kanya Vidyalaya Trust, Porbandar. Raj-Ratna Sheth Shri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta, a leading industrialist, a great philanthropist and supporter of culture and moral values, was the founder of this college. He visualised the significance of women’s education in India and setup this Arts, Commerce & Home Science institution during the days of our national awakening for the all round development of Indian women.

Educational Goals
It is the prime objective of the college to develop and strengthen the values and virtues of the ancient vedic culture of India. The institution upholds the ideals of the Gurukul system of education as propounded by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati, the great Indian sage who founded the Arya Samaj. The students are trained as enlightened and dedicated members of the society as to make them committed to social justice and democratic values. The students are inspired to cultivate fundamental human virtues such as honesty, integrity, character, courage, compassion, confidence, considerateness, co-operation, cleanliness, piety and purity at all levels of life. The institution maintains its well established traditions and strict discipline in all its activities for the all-round development of the students. The students are acquainted not only with the fundamental of the ancient culture but also with the latest trends and development in all walks of life. Thus, the college has hi-tech computer science laboratory and Digital English Learning Laboratory (DELL) for global competence.

Library and Book Bank
The college has a well maintained library consisting of more than 42000 books, besides the standard text books useful for the purpose of study. The library has a wide variety of subjects including some rare books, standard reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and bibliographies for advance study and research in all the subjects taught in the college.

Extra curricular and recreational activities
The students are encouraged to show their talent in music, dance, drama, beauty care, debate, literary and art activities.

Value Education
The institute runs Vivekanand Centre and Gandhi Vichar Mandal to provide value education.

The management runs a well-maintained, well-furnished hostel for the out-station students. The students desirous of hostel admission apply in a separate application form prescribed for the purpose. The hostel students are required to observe the rules and regulations framed by the management.

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